Flab knockout

I've been feeling sluggish lately.

I thought it must be because of the bad, moody weather or lack of sleep. But even when the sun's up and I've slept all of 8 hours, I still don't feel the energy.

I started tracing my stress trigger.

And though I've ignored it so many times, I am finally admitting it to myself: I'm gaining weight.

Not that it's a very bad thing. My mom always says it won't hurt to have a little "meat." But I feel bad when I can't fit into my clothes or when buttons start to pop. The clincher was when this capri I've had for so long kept unzipping the whole time I was wearing it. I was so down, I thought I've blown up so bad that I can't even keep my zip up!

When I got home I realized the zipper was worn already, but I felt bad just the same. Not depressed-bad. Just bad enough to make me rethink my habits and really do something about this.

I think the key to every transformation is honesty. If you really want to change something about yourself, you've got to be honest enough to admit that you do need that change, you've got to stop sitting on your ass and just do it.

Instead of starving myself thin, I've taken the easier way and enrolled in a boxing gym.

Yesterday was my first class. While Kernan was lifting weights at the gym, I was sweating it out at Red Corner. I don't know if it was a bad sign or a good sign but I was already sweating hard during the warm up exercises.

When I finally got to the boxing ring, I was gasping for breath. It took me some time to master the moves, but once it got to the punching part, I was all fired up. I imagined that the boxing pads my trainer used were two big flabs that had to be knocked out.

After three rounds, I was dead tired but I still had to tackle the jumping rope. Just like playing, I thought this would be pretty easy. But I was so wrong. Once I got to the jumping part, I could barely do five. I was out of breath and I had to stop several times for water breaks.

I didn't finish the whole thing. My heart was racing so madly I had to stop.

That's enough for my first day.

Before we left, Kernan introduced me to his trainor. I was sure I looked like a soppy girl then but he said, "Sir, ang ganda pala ng girlfriend niyo, mukhang model."

Wow, that really made my day. I know he didn't say "ang payat pala ng girlfriend niyo" which is a different thing, but I felt good just the same.

This morning, I felt like my limbs were beaten up but I think I may have seen a flatter tummy when I woke up. Okay, I may be exaggerating about the effects but I really love my tummy in the morning.

Despite a few aches here and there, I feel a bit more energetic. Now that's a really good sign. Once I get used to it, I will step it up a little more and do some pilates after my boxing sessions.

Here's to wishing I can wake up early every morning to go to the gym.

Maybe I can even post some before and after pictures once the results are very evident.

Wish me luck!


I think I have carpal tunnel syndrome

The other day was weird.

I was trying to write in my journal but I couldn't hold my pen. My hand felt shaky, almost as if it has lost control.

My handwriting was a mess, like I was some seven-year old first grader learning to write in cursive for the first time.

It was so weird but i continued writing anyway. I wrote about how I can't write properly until my grip normalized. Whew.

But one thing suddenly popped into my mind -- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I searched it on the net and got some fast facts from CCOHS website

In summary, here's what I found out:
* CTS affects the wrist and hand
* It happens when the median nerve, which sends signals from the brain to control the hand, is injured as it passes through the carpal tunnel in the wrist.
* There are more cases in women than in men
* People at risk are those who employ repetitive hand and wrist movements. Among those occupations listed, the only one I could relate to was a clerical worker, described as somebody who does a lot of typing.
* Among the symptoms of CTS are when you feel a tingling sensation (like an electrical shock) run through your hand, pain in the hand especially at night, numbness, weakness of the hand, difficulty to pinch and grasp. (Bingo!)
* CTS can be temporarily relieved by shaking the hands and resting.

Well I'm not really sure if it's CTS but I'm taking it easy on the hand just the same.


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