Three faces of me

Have you ever seen how people perceive you? Well, I've heard people talk about what they think of me, in front of me or otherwise. But to see how others see me is a totally different experience.

When we went to Tam-awan Village, Rose and I got the opportunity to be drawn by very talented artists.

Presenting three faces of me.

A lot said none of the drawings looks like me, but this one's my favorite.

People take one look at me and they immediately say I look like a snob. It's nothing I haven't heard before. But it doesn't mean I am.

I just don't talk a lot. That is, around people I don't know a lot. I like to listen to people because I learn more that way. And when I feel like I can trust the people around me, that's when I start talking and sharing myself bit by bit.

I used to feel bad when I hear people say bad things about me, who wouldn't? But now whatever face they see, I don't really care anymore. No matter what I do, people will always see me the way they want to see me.

What matters to me is the people I love know the real me and they love me just the way I am.


It would be nice if I can go to somewhere far every weekend and just explore.

I have dreams of travelling abroad but I feel like I have to explore the wonders of my own country first.

Tam-awan Village is one such place I was lucky to have gone to. It may seem like a very simple place with native Ifugao houses but it felt like it had a world of it's own.

It was so peaceful.

There were flowers everywhere, and for me that's a rare sight. (Most of the flowers I see everyday are artificial.)

Intense Red.


Feels like my own little garden.

The elder there said Tam-awan actually means heaven in the clouds. (If I'm there, does that mean I could be an angel in heaven?)

And at a certain time of the day when the place is embraced by fog, you almost feel as if you were really in heaven away from all the cares of the world.


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