Pursue your passion

Last Sunday, I was a pinch hitter for Kernan's shoot in the Palo Alto Race track in Antipolo.

I covered the Enduro Cross race where riders had to go round and round the race track for four straight hours!

The riders said it was the hardest track that they've tackled yet. I don't know exactly how hard it was. All I could see from afar was there were elevated areas and ones where their heads almost disappear. But seeing them emerge from the track like human mud pies say it all.

Struggling to finish that gruelling track under the scorching heat of the sun for four straight hours is no joke. I was just sitting under a tent and watching the whole race yet I felt so tired after. I mean they don't exactly get gold trophies or a million cash prize but they do it anyway.

They might have done it to prove something of themselves, to conquer their greatest fears, or to claim bragging rights. Whatever their reasons are, I am amazed by their passion for the sport.

The looks on their muddy faces when they finally crossed that finish line was priceless.

Even those who didn't win had that accomplished look on their faces as if just finishing the whole race was victory in itself.

I guess it's not always about winning, but doing what you want to do.

Pursuing your passion.


I wonder when was the last time I was so passionate about anything.

I used to be very passionate about writing.

The first time I ever got the concept of a diary was when I was starting school. I can't remember from whom I got the idea, but I would ask my parents to buy me a diary with those hearts on the cover, with a matching lock and key.

I would get hold of all the notebooks I could have, including those "professional" diaries my dad would receive from the office as Christmas gifts.

I would religiously write on every page about everything and anything that came to my mind, from what I played with during that day to what I thought about a certain saying from a book I read.

It's like I would step inside a world of my own when I started to write. I would rather write for hours on end than talk with anybody.

I guess I carried that attitude as I grew old.

I would rather write whatever I felt than tell it to somebody. It just made more sense to me when I could read my own words and thoughts. There have been countless times when writing in my journal first saved me from doing brash actions I know I could have regretted later on.

It was but natural for me to aspire to be a writer when I got into high school.

I joined the Blue Mantle, the high school journal, to further practice my writing skills. I would write "news items, editorials and literary works," all of which I placed inside quotes because now I realize they were merely child's play.

I would be preoccupied by a lot of things most of the time, but whenever I was in the lowest of the low moments I would always retreat to my trusty journal to "listen" when I wanted to let everything out.

When I got to college, I joined the Varsitarian.

This was where I learned writing is not just about heartaches, personal problems and reflections.

Writing was a weapon against corruption, injustice and poverty.

From pen and paper, I shifted to the computer to record my thoughts. Gone were the notebooks and diaries that began to look childish to me then.

This time, I was sure who I wanted to be. I wanted to be a journalist who fights the injustice in this world with the power of my words.

But I guess, we can't always be who want to be.

We can't always be who other people expect us to be.

Or maybe we just think we were meant to be a certain person but it's not really who we want to be.

When that turning point in my life came, I realized I didn't want to live like that.

I didn't want to live in fear for my loved ones.

Maybe I have become jaded.

But at a certain point, I just accepted to myself that there are some things in life I can't change. And some things are not worth dying for.

After college, I decided I didn't want to write anymore.

I just wanted to work.

I entered the maddening world of television.

Now I am here.

I'm pursuing a different dream and a different passion.

I am piecing together words and images to produce a smile on children's faces.

My writing has taken a back seat. But every now and then I remember. And that's when I write pieces like this.

Have I made the right choice? I know I have.

I may not be some big shot journalist fighting the never-ending corruption in this world, but I am happy with my life.

I am happy with what I am doing.

I am happy when I've made other people happy.

I've realized that life doesn't always go the way we want it to because it takes us on another path to a life more wonderful than what we thought it could be.

And now I'm aiming higher.

I am pursuing bigger dreams and passions.

My life couldn't have made a better turn than this.


Are you pursuing your passion?


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