Tell me how not to miss you

I miss you more everyday.

I wish I could push a fast forward button until the moment of your return. Every day without you seems so incomplete. I just wish you're here with me.

Even as I type this entry, I instinctively turn my head and expect you to surprise me with a stolen hug and kiss. I look across the cubicle and think you would be standing there smiling back at me.

Everyday I pray you're safe everywhere you go. Come back home soon.

I love you so much.


Kernan's been away for three days now. I can't even call him because he's out of coverage and that makes me miss him more. I'm feeling really low without him around.

Good thing I have friends around me who help cheer up my day.

left pic: that's our AP kuya hech, sneaking up behind me

right pic: that's summer on the phone, rose, sam, kuya hech and nestie

i love my lovely day family. they make my life a little lovelier everyday.


jo said…
hey jayme!

it's joanne from high school. saw your blog link from your friendster blog. i'm sucha snoop. you still write so well. meaningful stuff. k. take care.
angel jayme said…
hi joanne. thanks for dropping by. tried clicking your link but your profile seems hidden. anyway, hope you're doing well. take care :)

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