A tale of butterflies

A thousand thoughts are floating in my head since I got home from Baguio this morning.

Butterflies, Baguio, script deadlines and shooting schedules; lovers and strangers; irrational attraction and confusion; me, him and everybody else. I tend to divide my brain into compartments to keep me sane. And long ago, I've learned the benefits of taking one thing at a time.
So I'll just blog about one. For now.

I'm just glad to be home.


The Butterfly Haven
I struggled to wake up at 5.30 am.

Call time was 7 am and I didn't want to be late. I couldn't be late. Too bad, everybody else was. But nothing could dampen my day. Getting out of the office's four walls always gets me excited, especially if it's an out of town trip.

We're off to butterfly paradise.

I got so excited, I started taking pictures in the van.

Too bad, somebody was trying to spoil our picture. But who cares? We looked cute anyway.

After almost an hour of travel, the Pulilan Butterfly Haven came into sight.

It was time to work, but I guess I can still take a picture or two. Especially of this beautiful orchid that greeted us near the entrance.

One butterfly seemed to be so enthusiastic about our arrival.

I guess it likes me. And it's definitely not camera shy. It spread its wings just right for a photo op. Celebrity instinct.

Did you know that butterflies don't have noses and tongues? They smell the surroundings using their antenna and taste the food using their feet. I know my jeans smell like Tide and Downy, now how would that taste?

But this butterfly seems to be having a feast with a bunch of santan flowers. I've only held the flowers a few seconds and it came swooping down. The flowers almost fell from my hand because of the butterfly's weight. But it kept hanging on even though I could easily catch it with my free hand (not that I want to.) I guess it's instinct when you're hungry. Kung ang tao kapit sa patalim, ito kapit sa flower.

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Hundreds of butterflies fluttered about, flying from one leaf to another. It's weird because I thought the haven would be full of flowers. The butterflies here must be vegetarian, they like hanging on to the leaves.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I learned that although a butterfly's life is so amazing it also comes with a tragic ending. Even if it undergoes metamorphosis, it's glory is shortlived. Most butterflies live a few weeks. The big ones, if they're lucky, can live for a year. Some may be fluttering about enjoying their short lives.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

While others, hang by a thread, miserably waiting for the end.

But our story isn't all that dramatic really.

It's all about Mr. Sweet and our little heroine Bea. Mr. Sweet imprisoned some insect royalty (Queen Bee, Queen Ant and Queen Butterfly) to control the production and distribution of the sweets himself. Now how's that for a selfish villain.

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But of course, in our Lovely world, good always triumphs over evil. And our little heroine, armed with a lot of love, always wins. You could say that's the sweet smile of victory.

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After an exhausting day's work, the tranquillity of the place just hushed me to sleep. Good thing, I was still poised sleeping. Didn't know they were planning to take this picture.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

When the shoot is all done and everything's packed up, all I gotta do is smile because I know we've spun yet another wonderful (not to mention winning) story.

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