The positive pessimist

I am a positive thinker.

Ever since I learned about Norman Vincent Peale and the Power of Positive Thinking in highschool, I've always tried to look at the bright side. No matter what or who tries to bring me down, I remain immovable in my resolve to just be happy and remain unaffected.

But i guess as I got older and as I got more exposed to how harsh life could really be, I allowed myself to became jaded. Before, I used to be ideal about a lot of things, but now I'm leaning more toward the practical. Before, I used to see possibilities, but now I see obstacles.

It took me awhile to realize that the big Optimist is slowly transforming into a Pessimist. To think that before I would never call myself a Pessimist with a big P. Never.

But as I always tell my friend A, we have a choice in everything.


In our line of work where everything is fast paced and up-to-the-minute, you need to learn things as you go. Most of the time you learn about the things by yourself through trial and error and a few sermons here and there.

Of course when you're out in the real world, you can't expect people to work at your pace or to help you overcome your difficulties. You came primarily to work, having friends is just a bonus. But if you've got somebody who'd be patient and willing enough to teach you the ropes and guide you as you go, you've got to be so damn lucky.

I think I am.

One of the reasons why I love my job is because I love the people I work with. Everybody is genuine. Everybody works for the common goal. And it's so fun to work with them. We're all friends at the same time we're co-workers and I think it helps make work a lot less stressful. Plus, I've got the coolest boss ever and I consider her my role model in a lot of things.

Ate Cres and me at Mongkok, Hongkong

I consider my EP Ate Cres as my mentor. She gives us "pep talks" whenever she sees we're lagging in our work or begin to lose focus. These pep talks are strategically scheduled reminders that come in the nick of time to get us back on track. It's cool because she teaches us how to do things with respect for our capabilities (and not make us feel like we're inferior or stupid.) She praises us when we do good, constructively criticizes us when we're bad and pushes us when we become lax. I can feel her genuine belief in us and that inspires me to do better every time.

Last week, she talked to me about my segment which I admit, I didn't do so well. As i mentioned in my previous post, i feel like I'm in a kind of slump. As we talked, I realized how I've become an obstacle man who sees all the reasons why this thing can't be done right, when all I need is just one reason to make it work, that is: learn to make the best of what you have.

It's a fact that no matter how hard you try to make things near perfect, sh*t can still happen. But you don't let yourself get defeated by it, you just have to deal with it and turn the odds into your favor.

There's always a way, all you've got to do is find it.


Btw, the first pic has no connection with this post, I just feel like posting it because I took it all by myself. :)


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