kernie and i found a big surprise this morning.

it all started with a kitten's meow. at first, we ignored the little cries because we thought it was a stray cat somewhere in the parking lot. but as we drove to the office, the meowing sound continued. "the cat is in the car," kernie said. "baka tumalon kanina pag bukas ng kotse."

we stopped in the timog parking lot and started searching the car. we looked under the seats, under the pillows, inside the speaker compartment... but the kitty was nowhere to be found. by this time, the meowing had already stopped so it was more difficult to find it.

"maybe it's hanging under the car," i suggested. though that would be far out right, the kitty would have fallen by now if it did.

kernie went in front of the car and started opening the hood. that's even more impossible, i said, that kitty would be dead if it was stuck there.

kernan opened the hood and looked for awhile, and then..." MEOW!"

we were both startled as we saw a kitty staring up at us from the right corner of the hood. it was black a kitty that's why it camouflaged itself among the tubes and engine. kernan and i looked at each other, "pano siya napunta diyan?"

the kitty jumped and sat in front of the sidewalk. i went into the office to get ready for my shoot as kernan drove away to get some breakfast. but both of us were thinking the same thing throughout the day, "how could a kitty end up under the car's hood?"

later in the afternoon, as we passed by the parking lot, the kitty was still there sitting at the exact spot where we left it. and guess what was parked in front of lil black kitty? a silvery gray car, the same color as kernie's gsr. the kitty must have thought it was the same car. it was so weird and sad at the same time.

sadly, kernie and i are not into adopting stray animals so we just couldn't take the kitty in. i hope it finds it's way back to it's mother or find a loving owner.


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