When I am quiet, it doesn't mean that I am ignoring you. It simply means, I am thinking.
I maybe thinking about me, about you, about us, about other people. This is just me. I "space out" when I need to. It gives me a chance to consider things and really think about something before I say or do anything.

Anger takes away sensibility and morphs you into a monster out to destroy everything in it's way. And I know that once I say something I can never take it back. I've learned that lesson too many times. The hard way. Maybe I'm just being careful because I don't want anyone or myself to get hurt by words that arose at the heat of the moment, but weren't meant to be said.

I understand you, more than you think I do.

I love you more than you'll ever know.


Shirazi said…
I liked the way you are rapped up in yourself. But look out, it might be beautiful. Lucky He and lucky you.

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