Just playing around

i've just discovered the wonders of my phone's photo editor (is that low-tech or what?), so I played around with some pics. Plus my brother uploaded Imageplus in my phone so I was able to put some icons and captions.

(from left to right) the first pic was taken early this year while caught in traffic somewhere i can't remember.

the second one was taken at the office. i think the halo fit pretty nicely, too bad i couldn't change the color to pink.

the third one was taken at mark's birthday celebration last monday. I've already had a few glasses of Sprite while Kernan had a shot of "emperaning" (the boy's term for emperador) that's why he was pink in the cheeks too.


Kernan and i finished work at around 10 last night, which in our clock was still a bit early, so we went out for dinner.

We dropped by Gloria Jean's to bring his sister's CD before we drove around Timog and Morato to look for a good restaurant. The criteria: reasonably priced food and hefty servings. if we had not eaten at that restaurant before, that would be a plus factor.

First on the list was Napoli's. This restaurant would always have a special place in my heart because it was the place where Kernan and i had our first dinner date. I even remember the exact spot we sat on, right next to the glass window, near the overhead TV. We had several dates there after that and even celebrated his 23rd birthday there. Too bad it was already closed.

"Jordan's?" he asked. "Suweldo ngayon, puwede bang sa aircon na restaurant naman tayo kumain?" I said.

I like eating at Jordan's. the food is cheap and they have hefty servings. but last night, it's dimly lit and "inuman galore" ambiance just didn't appeal to me. plus i wanted a place where we could relax and not worry about late night drunken brawls in the middle of dinner. so Jordan's was ruled out too.

We went back to Timog and passed by Off the Grill (inuman pa rin), Ponciana's (ayaw pa rin) and Eve's Venom (no thank you.)

We headed to the Mother Ignacia area but still couldn't decide whether to stop at Dencio's or Packo's. Our stomachs were already grumbling mad so i proposed to stop the search and head to Flavors of China. Ate Cres brought me there after we had a massage at Family Health Spa months ago and the food was pretty good. Kernan, being more hungry than I was, agreed right away. Until he spotted Don Henrico's. "Bukas pa, dito na lang tayo," he said while parking in a jiffy.

Don Henrico's was just a few steps away from Gloria Jean's. Talk about a round trip.


I've restarted my "break-the-bad-habit" routine.

A lot of people are telling me I'm gaining weight plus I've been feeling sluggish lately. and if your middle name is busy and you've got an all nighter every week, sluggish is no good.

I'm trying to log in at least an hour of aero and pilates every other day (hard), eat less rice (harder) and eat less chocolate (hardest!) Doing this won't be a breeze but I keep trying. I checked the measuring tape awhile ago and i saw that i've cut off a half inch on my waistline, or so i think. so tell me i must be imagining it but i need lots of motivation.

I'm also trying to reinvigorate my work. I haven't been myself lately. I feel like I'm starting to fall into a slump so I might as well stop this downhill track while I can. Got a much needed "pep talk" from Ate Cres. More on that in my next post.


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