bar dates

I remember the first time kernan and i had a "date" in a bar.

it was actually a shoot he had for extra that coincided with our monthsary. he was doing a feature on jimmy bondoc who then had a gig at moomba.

we were both mall and movie addicts so hanging out at a bar together was a new experience for both of us.

of course, kernan and i weren't able to talk much since he was focused on his shoot, but it still felt nice to be with him and listen to love songs. kilig. it's as if everyone else disappears and it's just you holding hands with the one you love.

"we should do this more often," we both said after that.

but we never got to do it again. until yesterday.

as we were cruising around wondering where to eat, he suddenly suggested going to a bar. but when we checked skeds at CTC, nyoy, jimmy, nina and pido didn't have gigs.

"why not moomba?" i asked. "we could try," he said

i liked it's cozy, intimate atmosphere and it would be great to return there on a real date.

the signboard outside said soulground was playing for the night. "kilala mo ba yun?" i asked. "malamang bagong band."

soulground looked fresh but they sounded like real pros. the female vocalist could do a mean alicia keys number. she sang our request, "if i aint got you." it was so sweet. the two other guys had powerful voices too. the guitarist and the guy doing the percussions at the back were also great.

i guess they just have to improve their audience interaction a bit more. but their performance was amazing, i found myself clapping after every song. too bad the audience was quite few and not very enthusiastic.

anyway, kernan and i were holding hands the whole time as we sat lazily on the sofa right across the stage. this was something different from our usual movie/mall dates and it was nice to just hang out for a change.

next on the to-do list: go to a health spa.

we're both diving right back into work mode starting tomorrow. and i already have schedules this coming weekend. so we'll just have to make time again to go out together.

next time.


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