out of whack

i'm feeling well now but still a bit out of whack. being sick for three days is no fun at all. especially when it's in subic.

we were supposed to shoot two episodes in subic last weekend and everybody got to do their part but me. all because i got sick on the day that we arrived.

i don't know if it was the heat, the fatigue, the anxiety or all of it that brought me down with fever. but i sure was disappointed that i missed out on all the action.

it wasn't cool staying behind at the rented house alone, sleeping on a hard bed in pajamas, unable to eat because of the weird taste in my mouth, and unable to walk around because i was feeling so weak. what made it worse was the thought of kernan so far away and not being able to see him for the next four days.

thanks to ate cres, kuya hech, nestie, shao, love, bea, mommy carina, cocoy, joel, arnel, mang flori and ver who have all expressed their concern about my situation.

it was comforting to see kuya hech checking on me every now and then and going all the way back to the house just to make sure i had lots of food and water. and my roommate nestie who endured sleeping with the lights on so i could sleep comfortably. funny because everytime i turned or woke up, he would wake up too and would ask me the same question every time, "okay ka na?" to which i would always shake my head.

i was feeling a little bit better as we headed for home sunday night and found the fever gone by monday...only to be replaced by a terrible case of diarrhea. and so i had to rest until tuesday morning before i reported to work in the afternoon.

i'm okay now and i'm able to eat normally. it's just that i've been set back by a couple of days and i find myself falling short of the assignments i've required for myself this week.

now, i'm trying to catch up with the work i've missed and i'm trying to put my schedule back on an even keel.

so help me.


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