Of long rides, eerie rooms, windmills and saving the environment

i'm back from ilocos. can't believe we spent more time travelling than actually shooting.

i wasn't even able to enjoy the scenery since i slept the whole time. i can't stay awake during long rides or else i'll get all sick in the stomach and vomit all over. i've had motion sickness ever since i was a kid and taking bonamine wasn't much help. plus, i anticipated a long shooting day ahead so i might as well stock up on rest. it was quite uncomfortable though and painful for my back.

anyway, we left manila last friday at around 2pm and arrived in pagudpod at around 2 am, saturday. call time was at 5.30am.

love, ate cres and i shared a room. i wasn't able to get much sleep knowing that we had to wake up in a couple of hours. plus, there was something eerie about our room. or maybe it was just my stressed imagination.

when we woke up in the morning, ate cres and love confirmed it. but i'd rather not elaborate, i'm getting goosebumps now just thinking about it. good thing, my guardian angel kept me from getting all panicky and scared. (thanks, mark!)


although i wasn't able to appreciate the pagudpod beach, seeing the windfarm was fascinating.

the windfarm is composed of 15 wind turbines lined up along the bangui bay in ilocos norte and it is the FIRST windfarm in southeast asia.

i learned that the windfarm is supposed to supply a cheaper and cleaner source of renewable energy since it uses wind power which is of course, priceless and pollutant free.

the wind turbines are made of sturdy material and pose no danger of breaking down even during a typhoon. they are still testing the mechanism though, hopefully it will be up and running completely in a few month's time.


i was thinking why this technology has not been brought to our country earlier. imagine how much we could have saved our environment and our money by just tapping the power of our natural resources.

since elementary days, we have been taught that the Philippines has abundant natural resources which could sustain our country if only they were utilized and distributed equally. but day after day, our environment is abused and is in danger of depletion.

more than a decade later, we are still being told the same thing, only that we might be running out of precious time to save our environment.

i am no hard core environmentalist but i do my little part. i don't throw garbage anywhere or waste water and electricity. i try to use less plastic and to recycle stuff. i don't smoke and i don't drive a car.

i don't know if other people are simply unaware, lazy or insensitive that they fail to do even these simple things, despite constant warnings that our environment is near destruction.

year in, year out countless natural disasters have demonstrated how nature can retaliate for all the abuses it has endured from human hands. we watch TV and witness the horror and tragedy of men, women and children being killed by calamities. we say, "kawawa naman sila." and then go back to our old ways anyway.

cliche as it may sound, we all can do our part to save mother earth. these little acts combined can be a big help for nature.

do we need to wait when we are ravaged by disaster after disaster? ...when nature has finally given up and throws back all the abuses we have done?


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