this time it takes understanding

for the past hour i've consumed a large pack of cheese crackers, one box of chocolate chip cookies and a Jollibee spaghetti.

now, i'm about to finish a whole cadbury energy bar.

i feel full and i feel a little bit better. or so i think.

i know, i've read in countless books and magazines that bingeing on food will not make us feel any better. but chocolate does make me feel good. and i'm not saying that just because i'm a chocoholic. it's backed up by research too.

no, i'm not depressed. i'm just feeling a little down because our plans have been postponed a lot of times. and it's because of work.

in a previous post, i said that it's all about making time. but sometimes, things and schedules get all crazy and overboard, you can't do anything about it.

kernan and i were planning to go out this weekend right after their challenge was over. but for some reason, they have to prepare another challenge right away, which means we can't push through as planned.

i can't blame him because it's not his fault that they have work again. and i'm trying not to whine, because i know my mahal is under a lot of pressure as they're preparing another challenge. i don't want to be another source of pressure.

yes, i see him everyday at work and we get to eat together and talk for awhile. but i can't help feeling bad that we have to postpone our plans for the nth time.

i am not angry or disappointed with him. i'm just frustrated at the situation.

i'm trying not to though.

being in this line of work for a couple of years, i, of all people should understand why these things happen. it would have been three times harder if we were in different fields, that is, if we would be lucky to even last this long.

i love my mahal, and i know he's trying to make time as i am. this time, we just have to be even more patient and a great deal more understanding.

i'm looking forward to that day when we could take a grand vacation, leave all worries behind and just have fun.

and i wish that would be some time soon.


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