the things floating in my head

it's bad to be working under the heat of the sun for two consecutive days. even a pink umbrella can't protect you, it'll zap your energy and make you sick. very bad.


no matter how much someone pisses you off, you just have to be patient. it's tempting to blow your top off and hurl invectives to satisfy your anger. but it will only make you look low and immature. better to keep quiet and cool.


being boxed by the four corners of the office can be bad for your health. you have to find time to get out and explore the world. seeing the same walls, floors and ceilings everyday can drain your body and dry your brain. get out, get a life.


the rainy season is about to begin and i haven't even gone to the beach yet. boracay was not counted because that was for work. i'm talking about a pleasurable and leisurely vacation, and that is yet to happen.

i need a break. a nice, relaxing time off.

i wish...


kernan and i watched star wars episode 3: revenge of the sith.

it seemed quite long, i fell asleep during some fight scenes. still it made me want to watch the other parts of the star wars series again, this time in chronological order.

of course i didn't like the ending as much as i dislike all other bad endings. but it wasn't a love story after all.

maybe, i'll watch the wedding date later.


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