it always falls on our monthsary

whether it's a shoot assignment, editing schedule, emergency meeting and now, a leadership training seminar.

sometimes i can't help thinking, something out there is purposely timing this just for the heck of it. kernan and i can hardly remember something that didn't fall on the 10th of the month. it just happens.

and this month is not just a monthsary. it's our 2nd year and 11th monthsary.

some people consider the 6th month of the year a milestone, but for me, the 11th month is even more important. just 4 weeks more, and we're officially celebrating our third anniversary!

this time, kernan is rushing some scripts for airing and i am in a whole-day leadership training (which also accounts for my absence these past days.)

but something always reminds me why, despite constantly trying to make time, we're still together.

when i got back from the seminar, we went out for dinner.

"ikaw na pumili ng restaurant, mahal. kakain ako kahit saan," he said.
"o sige, sa tsim cha tsui
(with hong kong accent)"
"shim sha shuy?" he laughs.
"basta hong kong cuisine yun."

while waiting for our aligue rice, seafood roll and fish fillet, a thought came to mind.

"mahal, what's your catch 5?"
"catch 5?" he asked.
"five dreams, things you've never done but want to accomplish. it's supposed to be 27. but for this time, just five."
kernan paused for awhile, "to marry you, have a family with you, travel around the world with you, go on adventures..."
"how about something for yourself?" i asked.

the reason...

"mahal, at this point, i no longer think just for myself. now, it's always us."

wow. i felt like i was floating in heaven.

make time

2 years and 11 months have not made me an expert in relationships, but i've learned this: make time.

especially when you're both busy and working at breakneck speed, it won't hurt to slam on the breaks and spend some "US" time.

talk about each other's day even for just an hour.

eat together even for just 30 minutes.

it only takes barely a minute to send a message like "i miss you." even if you've only seen each other an hour ago.

it also takes barely a minute to respond and say "i miss you more."

it takes less than 30 seconds to say, "i love you, i love you, i love you."

these things will only take a few minutes of your time.

but it could do a lot for your love to last even for a lifetime.


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