i can see! i can see!

i can see clearly now, the rain has gone...
i can see all the obstacles in my way...
gone are the dark clouds that had me blind...
it's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day!

this song has been playing in my head because i can see clearly now, literally.

gone are the "lola" glasses i've been toting around recently. i finally made time to get myself a new one which i could wear whenever i needed to.

yup, i'm your glass-wearing nerd, a beautiful bespectacled nerd.

i've been reading since i learned how to hold a book, and i always did it lying on the bed. i would read a book until i fell asleep holding it and would continue reading as soon as i woke up. i also used to write with my eyes so close to my notebook as if i was guarding my manuscript with my life.

the result: high astigmatism.

i felt the first symptoms in highschool, sore eyes and severe head aches. despite my parents' constant warning to give my eyes a rest, i never listened. somehow, i resigned myself to wearing glasses. then, i think i was even excited to wear one. my dad wears glasses, my mom used to wear one, my older brother has been wearing one since gradeschool, now, why don't i join the bandwagon?

back then, wearing glasses was like wearing braces. like a status symbol, glasses were for geniuses, braces were for pretty girls who wanted prettier teeth. and since my parents couldn't afford to let me have braces and i seriously dreaded having the dentist pluck or rearrange my sungki teeth, i settled for the genius image and i proudly wore my new glasses to school.

things changed when i was in college. suddenly, it didn't seem cool to be wearing glasses. and so i ditched my pair and went bare. i forced my eyes to see by squinting and squinting. somehow it worked, i survived without glasses for years.

i began to think it was normal not to see the streetsigns or the signboards propped on the jeep's windshield from afar. it became normal for me to always choose the middle row seats so i could see what's written on the board. it didn't even bother me that i could only see silhouettes of people from afar. i didn't realize people were thinking i was a huge snob because i didn't seem to notice them whenever i met them on the streets or through the corridors. if only they knew, i couldn't see them!

i graduated and went to work seemingly normal sighted. i was successful for a couple of years.

and then, three weeks ago, the headaches returned. the headaches struck with a vengeance. my eyes felt sore even only after a couple of minutes of using the computer. after hours of reading and typing, my head felt like it was gonna crack in a million pieces.

reluctantly, i brought out my old "lola" glasses, which actually looked new because i stopped using them. it was back to being a nerd, a "lola" looking nerd.

for purposes of vanity, i considered getting contact lenses. but i learned that you can only use them for a maximum of 14-16 hours straight. plus, you have to clean them and soak them in solutions and stuff. too tedious. in my line of work, i can stay up to a maximum of 20 hours straight, sometimes even 24 hours. and honestly, i'm scared of the thought of anything touching my eyeballs.

oh well, i'm back to wearing glasses, but one in a spunky new frame. now, i can recognize and say "hi" to anybody a few meters away. i can see the signboards without squinting. and i can stay in front of the computer for hours.

wow, it feels nice to see everything and everyone so clear. even if i look like a nerd.

a beautiful bespectacled nerd.


Mike Overall said…
I got some glasses too back in March after I closed my left eye and everything was all fuzzy out of my right. Fortunately they said I only had to use them when things get blurry. I had 20/20 my whole life...(sigh)
Anonymous said…
hay naku, with or without glasses you're still the pretty jayme i have as friend back in college days! kamusta bakla? ehehehe...wear your glasses nga kesa lalong lumabo eyes mo, ako rin mas kailangan ko na rin siya but magpapalit na ako - purple yung frame niya kaso nalalakihan ako papalit ako, `yung bagay sa cute, nyahahaha...ingat lagi!!! mwah!!! - lynda cute
Anonymous said…
same here... I always try not to wear my glasses but lately my vision is now blurry and I feel bad that I neglected my eyes... Ngyn, I am wearing it but not all the time tuwing nasa harap lng ng computer... I am still trying to make myself get used to it.

- rach
angel jayme said…
thanks guys!

oo nga, glasses aren't so bad. this is better than having blurry vision.

lynda, shiny purple yung kulay ng glasses ko. i was looking for pink kaso wala eh. btw, i visit you often but can't post at your site, bawal yata anonymous comments.

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