catch 27

write down 27 dreams. aspirations. something you've never done but want to accomplish.

sir john, our leadership seminar facilitator, handed each of us a sheet of paper with 27 squares to fill up.

it sounded easy at first, but i found myself hesitating and thinking real hard. can i really do this? do i even have the guts to fulfill these dreams?

sounds weird from a sworn positive thinker. but i guess, for awhile now, i've forgotten how to be a dreamer.

i've forgotten that i once dreamed of becoming a ballerina, a martial artist and a skydiver.

i've dreamed of flying to Italy, Paris and Hawaii with my beau.

i've dreamed of giving my family everything they need and want.

i've dreamed of meeting and being like Oprah.

i've dreamed of marrying the greatest love of my life and having a son and a daughter.

as of now, i've only done stories on ballerinas, martial artists and skydivers but have never tried to be like one.

the farthest i got out of this country is neigboring hong kong.

i have never given my family much except the occasional treat.

the closest i got to Oprah was Star TV.

but i am grateful, i am with the greatest love of my life and we plan to spend the rest of our lives together.

i just realized i have so many dreams, dreams i've forgotten because i've gotten so engrossed with work and the here and now.

as sir john said, these things are unfulfilled needs which stay at the back of our minds. and somehow i feel i'm missing out on something by not fulfilling them.

maybe i should start dreaming again now.

yes, i still have responsibilities and deadlines to meet but there's no reason why i should not enjoy life and pursue my aspirations. some may seem so far off, but i've seen people who have fulfilled theirs and they have proven the power of dreams.

my positive thinking mentor, norman vincent peale once said that the human mind is very powerful. coupled with faith, the mind can achieve what it conceives.

i think we can only get as far as we reach. and i'm reaching for the heavens.

i am given one chance to be here and nothing should stop me from getting the most out of it.

what's your catch 27?

me, i'm making a catch 28, maybe a catch 100, 1000...catch forever. i'm back to being jayme the dreamer.


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