better to be sleepless

my eyes were drooping and my back was killing me yesterday at 12 noon, my body was screaming "sleep! sleep!" and my brain was saying "time out! time out!"

i was supposed to ask my mom to pick me up so i could go home and sleep. but she texted me first. she said they were going to glorietta and asked what time was i coming home.

so even if i felt like plopping on the bed and sleeping til forever, i told them to just pick me up so i can go with them. i have been spending most of the week at work, most of the time even during weekends. i just realized i missed spending time with my family and being sleepless is not even a reason for me not to grab that rare chance.


off to glorietta we went. too bad kuya was at work, it would have been one of the few chances we could go out as a complete family.

we braved the throng at national bookstore to buy my little bro's school supplies. can't help feeling like a kid again, browsing through rows and rows of new notebooks.

i love notebooks.

ever since i was a kid, i would get all excited when going to the bookstore and check out the new notebooks on the racks. whenever i would open one, i would immediately feel the leaf's texture and check if the page lines are straight.

it's impractical but i always end up buying one and and making it my new diary. but when i get tired of it, the cover and some of its pages get crumpled, or when a new notebook catches my eye, i stash the slightly used notebook in the cabinet and buy another one.

yesterday, i was tempted to buy another notebook but i didn't. i guess earning your own money does that to you, practicality rules and spending decisions don't come so easily. you have to canvass for the best price and weigh all options before you buy anything so you won't waste every hard-earned peso.

now i know, what my parents feel. it must have been hard for them to see the money they toil for being spent for gimiks and wasted for other stuff i don't really need.


we shuttled from glorietta to landmark and back to sm, but i didn't feel tired. though it wasn't really much of a family activity, i felt good just being with them.

i just realized i miss spending time with my family. a lot.

although we're not really the vocal-sweet-hugging type of family, we have our own ways of expressing how we love each other. and just being together is one of them. though i am grateful that we are a rock-solid family, we still are broken by work schedules that threaten to rob us of bonding time.

most of the time, we take our families for granted thinking that they're always just there. we choose the company of other people over theirs not realizing that when the going gets real tough, in the end, it will still be our families who'll get going with us. no matter what happens, our family will always be the one that'll accept us and love us unconditionally.

thanks to my family, who always understand my crazy work schedule and make each stay at home so good, i'd never want to leave it again.

to my pa, ma, kuya and vin: mahal ko kayo lahat.


Anonymous said…
yeah, i miss mine too... but sometimes when we move a thousand miles away, somethings for me, i always bring with me memories of my family...
- rach
angel jayme said…
the ironic thing is, i'm just here and yet it seems like i also live miles away.

Summer Fire said…
hay, sana ganyan din napi-feel ko kapag nasa bahay ako :(

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