all it takes is a little patience

last night, i was finally able to figure out how to upload this template i've been eyeing. after countless trial and errors, i finally understood how it works. and for someone who's an html dummy, i consider it an accomplishment. (whaaat? another template?)

i know i've spent a lot of time improving this one but now i want another. yup, i am moody by nature and crave for change every now and then. this one's all pink and cutesy and girly. the other one is minimal, simpler, more adult but still pink.

call it split personality if you will. sometimes i feel like being a baby girl, other times i feel like being all woman.

well, i haven't uploaded it yet because i'm still figuring out the finishing touches but expect to see it anytime soon. i'm still keeping the code for this one though, in case i feel like being a baby girl again.


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