13.3 versus 11.1

this may seem like a slight margin for some, but it's a big win for us. considering that our direct competitor is a cartoon show, and we know that any cartoon practically grabs children's attention, even the slightest edge in ratings are enough to for us to celebrate.

i examined the minute per minute ratings, which indicated the percentage of viewers tuned in at a particular time. i saw that the trend was going up until the end of the show. the rate would decrease a few points during commercial breaks, but it steadily increases as the next segment begins.

my "help the giant panda!" segment rated an all time high of 16.4! yahoooo!

i feel accomplished because i truly feel that our hard work has paid off. the exhaustion, sleeplessness and hunger have all paid off.

i am very proud of our team because we help each other and we work together to accomplish an excellent episode. we don't fight, bicker or compete against each other. every episode is a result of our hard work and teamwork. and i think those two elements are very important to any project's success.

unlike other people who are used to curses and bad criticism, i thrive in a positive working atmosphere. and i am very thankful that we have that in our team.

thank you to...

our program manager, ms. marge who always gives helpful inputs to improve our program;

our executive producer, ate cresta who always teaches us, motivates us and helps us to do our best;

our associate producer, kuya hech who is always so organized and makes sure that everything works out smoothly;

my co-producer summer and tata who give positive feedback and suggestions about each other's work;

our editors, kuya mel and ty, and graphic artist, rovie who creatively put together our scripts, videos and effects to help make a child-friendly visually-appealing episode;

our production coordinator and assistant, rose and chris, who take care of our tapes, make sure we are fed and all the materials we need are present;

and of course, our hosts love, christian, bj and bea, who do everything and anything to bring fun and information to our audience.

i think nobody can entirely claim their success as their own. there are so many people to thank, so many people who helped achieve that success. and it's more fun when you have other people laughing and cheering with you, friends sharing the happiness and the fulfillment you feel.

despite all the difficulties, hardships and sacrifices we have to endure to accomplish each episode, each success fuels us to work even harder and to never give up despite temporary setbacks.

but most of all, thank you Lord for all the blessings.

God is good and His rewards are great.


Mike Overall said…
Thanks for linking me! There's still a lot I wanna do with mine...so little time, ya know?
Mike Overall said…
You really think those kids will come back for their toys? Now I'm all creeped out! :)

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