this made my day

"mahal, nabuksan mo na yung friendster mo?" kernan asked.
"hindi pa, bakit?" "basta."
"ginawa mo kong testimonial no?" i said.

i quickly opened my friendster account.

1 new testimonial.

Jayme is my angel.

She's the only other half that makes me whole. With out her my life is incomplete. She's the only one for me in this lifetime.

I'm so glad that for almost three years now our relationship is getting stronger. I love you so much.

wow. kernan tells me this all the time, but it just seemed so different when i read it. i just felt like he loves me and he was telling the whole world about it. (or at least the thousands of people hooked on friendster.)

he hasn't always been confident with words and he's not one to write love letters, but this one's an effort and i appreciate it a lot.

i do not need the reassurance because what he lacked in flowery words, he more than compensated for with actions. i've always felt that he loves me sans long missives and poetry. his sudden outbursts and declarations of love, his simple straightforward "i love you"s and these few words are enough to give me a natural high.

thanks, mahal. you made my day.

i love you so much.


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