So in love

"do you remember this?" i asked kernan as i watched our enchanted kingdom video. he looks at the camera's mini-screen and smiles. "pa-baby ka diyan eh. di bale i-edit ko yan one of these days."

we were like kids alright, giggling and laughing non-stop as we tried to ride all the rides. i remember it was a rainy day then and the sky was gloomy. but it didn't stop us from enjoying the day.

funny how i couldn't remember exactly when we went there. i searched the screen for the date, "kailan nga uli 'to?" "last year lang, mga august diba?"

wow. can't believe it's been almost three years. sometimes, i feel like i've known kernan forever.

today, we mark our second year and 10th month together and much has changed.

i believe we've become more mature individuals. what used to spark fights then are things we just laugh about now.

we've become more understanding of each other's differences. instead of just keeping mum about what gets on our nerves and exploding in the end, we talk about things that bother us right away without spiteful words or shouting matches.

we don't fight. we hold each other's hand and talk. we discuss, not to prove who's wrong or right but to resolve the situation and emerge wiser and better from it.

we've become more secure. we allow space and time for each other without thinking, "doesn't he want to be with me?" or demanding "you should be spending this time with me."

we love each other more.

we say "i love you" a thousand times a day, kiss and hug whenever we can, cook up surprises out of the blue, and just make each other feel so special.

after two years and ten months, we've seen each other through the best and worst times, the happiest and saddest moments of our lives. through it all our love has remained steadfast and strong. and i know it can weather any storm that lies ahead.

i believe in love that lasts forever, and i know this one's for life.


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