sing your heart out

magic sing, spaghetti, chocolate cake, ice cream and tequila. all that makes for a birthday bash blast.

summer fire, redge and twins luz and rose, lovely april girls of lovely day, celebrated their birthday last night. the celebration was graced by Tolits, who did a good job entertaining everybody with his four dance numbers (bop it! chokolate! harlem! and the Tolits dance), and Love, the magic sing queen.

after a long week of hard work, it was good to see everybody chillin out and letting loose. each of us had our 15 minutes of fame singing our hearts out and dancing til we're soaked. i sang "loving you" for kernan and got a 96 for it and got a 99 for singing/screaming dancing queen (works all the time.)

wouldn't it be great if we always had weekend parties? it would be cool to just let go of all the pressure throughout the week and have fun.

happy birthday girls!


for lack of a better show to watch, i watched the reality show "elimidate" on ETC (entertainment central) this morning. it revolves around a cute guy and three girls vying for his affection. they are given a series of challenges during their dates, after each challenge, one gets eliminated... you get the picture.

although the guy was definitely a hottie, it's crazy how the girls twisted their personalities and snapped at each other just to make the final cut.

one of them whose named jennifer changed her name to a porn star's when she learned the other girl is also named jennifer. the blond girl natalie was acting all prim and nice while admitting that the wildest thing she ever did was a threesome. the other jennifer was making sexual innuendos and snapping at the other girls every chance she gets.

makes you wonder if they're just desperate to hook a guy or they're just doing it for their 15 seconds of fame, and why the heck does the guy, as handsome as he is, can't meet a decent girl on his own. plus, i bet they'll just end up in bed but dump each other after. oh well, what people would do just to be on TV.

didn't get to see which girl won though. switched to cinemaone and watched "dahil ba sa kanya?" starring aga muhlach and mikee cojuangco. cheesy...cheesy...he..he... ;-)

when i switched back to etc, "change of heart" was on. this time, two couples wash their dirty laundry on public, go on separate blind dates with people whose attitudes are supposedly opposite of their partners, and, at the end of the show, they decide whether they stay together or have a change of heart and go with their dates instead. after you bash each other in public, you still expect to stay together? crazy.

it was funny because when the host asked the couple what attracted them to each other when they met, he said, "oh because she was wearing this short black dress, and with legs like that...." she said, "he just looked so strong.."

obviously, after 7 months, they still haven't gotten past that superficial attraction and showed no intention of doing so that's why they're hopping into the next hot chick/guy that comes along. the thing is they actually enjoyed hurting each other in public, both ended up with a change of heart but with a strangely regretful almost painful look on their faces. too bad.

i want this....

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not keira knightly (pirates of the caribbean, king arthur, love actually fame) of course. just her gorgeous abs, which ranked number one in the list of the 10 best abs of famous female celebrities, better than jennifer lopez, beyonce and jennifer garner.


of course, i wouldn't get this if i watch too much tv and don't drag my ass back to my pilates mat. i plan to take a picture of my fluffy tummy because i vow i will never see it again.

after 2 months, hello sexy me. next time, this will be my picture.


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