It's like reminiscing Hong Kong

after gruelling/enjoyable shooting days comes the bloody part -- transcription. my co-SP summer fire would agree that transcribing would have to be the most arduous task. you have to go on play - rewind - play mode. preview all the tapes, jot down time codes of important videos, transcribe the hosts' soundbites.... zzz....

this morning was different though. it was almost 1 am but my eyes were wide open. it was like going back to Hong Kong and reliving the moments we spent there as i played each tape of the videos we shot. but what really got me laughing like crazy inside the editing bay was when i transcribed my segment on Bea and BJ's travel to Hongkong.

inside the plane on the way to Hong Kong...
BJ: Mag-pray kayo pag sasakay ng plane kasi puwedeng bumagsak ang airplane.
Bea: Lord thank you for your blessings, sana po maging maayos ang paglipad namin papuntang Hong kong.

inside the bus on the way to Mongkok....
(a voice prompt on the bus announces the next bus stop in Chinese, then says it again in English)
BJ: Please mag-Tagalog po para maintindihan namin, puro kami Pilipino, di kami nakakaintindi ng Chinese!

Bea & BJ: dito sa Hong Kong, walang traffic!

Upon passing Tsing Ma Bridge, similar to the San Francisco Bridge...
Bea: Kids tignan niyo, ang galing ng bridge dito, may harang. pero yung sa atin walang harang. bakit ganun?
BJ: Walang harang sa atin kasi mahihirap lang ang Pilipino.

Upon seeing a high tech stoplight...
Bea: Bakit yung stoplight sa atin nasa poste na semento, dito wala?
BJ: Kasi sa Hongkong mayayaman ang mga tao kaya lahat original. Sa atin mahihirap kaya puro fake.

the words came straight from the children's mouth. it's funny but when you think about it, there's a grain of truth in their seemingly childish observations.

kids are a lot smarter now. you can't close their eyes to prevent them from seeing the truth that is happening around us. and it's too bad that when they go somewhere else, they find themselves seeing the Philippines as a lesser country all the more.

either they leave for a foreign land or they do something about our mother country. let's just hope that these children will choose the latter and contribute to our progress.

but if they do decide to pack their bags and leave, who can blame them?


I know I should have more of these

I went to dinner with my friend LJ. we just updated each other about work and love life. stronger. better. happier.

we were both dead tired but it was refreshing to just get out of the office and breathe new air. i know i should go out more. attend late night outs, gimiks, reunions. i've been to cooped up in the office for a long time now. i hardly see my friends!

our schedules hardly meet. and when there are times when they invite me out, i'm just too tired to go, i just wanna fall on my bed and sleep.

but this has got to stop. and so i declare that my calendar will have a gimik day every week. (let's hope i can keep this one up.)

anyone for gimiks, i'm up for the taking.


Anonymous said…
true enough, because of technology and more, mukhang ang mga matatanda pa ang napag-iiwanan ng mga bata ... to think na if your old enough, you should know... but it is with the child's eyes and words that we can see the truth - rach

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