i'm taking it one at a time

or else, i'm gonna go crazy.

i've accomplished two scripts, the last installment of our hong kong anniversary episode. i'm still high from last week's victory and i continue to believe we will succeed again.

but just when i thought i can finally lie down and breathe, an emergency comes up.

last night, the producers from my other program suddenly relegated research assignments to me. the assigned person seemed to have encountered some problems and could i please help out? they asked.

i know, i have a choice. i could have said no. the mess wasn't mine so i don't have to get dirty cleaning it, right? but they needed help and i think, saying no would have been totally selfish.

besides, the research they required was pretty easy, only that i have so little time to accomplish it. the team is set to leave on sunday. all the research and interviewee details/schedules have to be in by saturday.

if only acquiring super powers was as easy as swallowing a magical stone and shouting "DARNA!"

whenever i make a list of the things i have to do, i tend to get overwhelmed when the number exceeds 10. my stomach gets all messed up. i feel pressured. i begin to feel unexplainable aches and pains in my body.

i get stressed. and i hate stress.

that's why the rule is: "one at a time."

no panicking.

just beautiful grace under pressure.

and smile.


rach said…
wow! congrats on that!! =) saya naman... though i am very confident in you... laki tlga ng potential mo jayme, baka naman palitan mo si jessica soho nian in a couple of yrs hihihi... =)

* regards kay kernan*

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