the babies' night out

for the first time in a month (or is it two?), kernan and i went to the mall awhile ago. we've been so engrossed with work, we hardly noticed we haven't gone out in awhile.

first went to villman to have the bluetooth program installed on his laptop. saw a mrs fields stall along the way so i got myself some chewy choco and triple choco cookies. yummmy!

went to vision express to have his new glasses made. his age-old eyeglasses are in really bad shape and are showing signs of breaking down so finally he found the time to get a new one. and for that i get a free pair of shades. yay.

next, we stopped by the bead shop to have his dolphin necklace fixed. i bought him this dolphin necklace from boracay and it's strap broke two days after he wore it. finally, we found the time to get a strap for it and he's wearing it again. we got the sturdy leather one so i don't think it's gonna break in the next two years.

of course, my mall trip wouldn't be complete without stopping by Watson's. i always make it a point to go there even if it's just to buy some tissues. i think i might have spent more than i intended to...again. but, as i always tell kernan, "these are my necessities..." and that always seals his mouth from saying anything. the rule is: if you need it, buy it. if you want it, then think about it.

and that ends our brief mall date. he had to go home and i had to go back to the office to make some follow up long distance calls for the story i'm researching about OFWs in Taiwan.

i used to long for out of town trips just to get a breather. but now even crowded malls have become a "breathing" place for me. bad! bad! bad!

i should be getting out of this slave mode soon.


Anonymous said…
wow! goodie!! thanks for the comment sa post ko... oh well, wag kang mag-alala at aabutan nio din kmi ni kernan... nauna lng kmi ni rob sa inyo ng konti... hehe... well, let's hope for both our relationships to have more surprises and also to be 'away-free' hehe

- rach
angel jayme said…
what makes yours extraordinary is you've been long distance for awhile diba, and i can only imagine how hard that must be! love always prevails. here's to relationships that last forever!

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