at the end of the day

tired. sleepless. hungry.

very bad combination i must say. but at least, i'm finally going home.

i edited three segments for this saturday's episode for almost 12 hours. we finally finished mastering and effects about an hour ago. i was still supposed to shoot in Encantadia's set in Pasig for an advance segment but i begged off because i could hardly keep my eyes open. i've been awake almost 24 hours.

turns out, kernan is there because they're shooting for extra challenge. made me think if i should have gone. but i guess it's okay, at least he'll miss me for today. actually, i miss him already.

anyway, the episode seems power packed and i feel a sense of accomplishment. it's not perfect but we worked hard for it. i really hope we'll win the ratings this weekend.

sometimes, no matter how good we think the episode is, the ratings still determine whether we win or lose. i used to think it's unfair that we have to be so dependent on ratings but that's how it works in TV. even if you think you have a good show, if it doesn't rate, you'll still get axed.

sad but true.

the things i give up for my job
last night, mai texted me about the reunion of our 6th grade class. one of our classmates came home from malaysia and wanted to meet and catch up.

unfortunately, since i was tied down to my editing, i couldn't go. for the second time. during the first reunion they held, i was busy too.

another classmate from highschool texted me about a reunion months ago. we were seatmates and close friends for a year in notre dame for girls school in marbel, south cotabato. we gradually lost touch when our family moved back to manila. that reunion could have been the first time we would meet again and catch up in almost 8 years! i wasn't able to go because i had an overnight out of town shoot.

i can't even propose a reunion because i'm afraid i'm gonna back out of the schedule i set any minute because of work.

i'm sad because there are really times when i have no choice but to give these things up. i don't even want to think what i'm missing. i'm gonna be even more sad if i do.


Shirazi said…
Rest, sleep and have food, may be the simple answer. But I know this is as simple. You have to have a lot of compromises in between. And those compromises are the life. Live it. Nice post.
angel jayme said…
most of the time, we know the answers to our own questions and the solutions to our own problems. but sometimes, we just need someone to remind us.

thanks, shirazi!
Shirazi said…
Thanks for a return visit. Let us meet more often, at your blog and mine. No?
Anonymous said…
well... a lot of things need to be traded for like our childhood or something else...

you're right, we need to love, live and enjoy life..

sna pag umuwi ako magkita tyo ah.. hehe... sna swertehin ako... hehe..
Mike Overall said…
That's a really neat site you have here! I thinks I shall provide a link to it in case someone wants to check it out!
angel jayme said…
hi rach! would be glad to meet up sometime when you're back.

and mike, thanks for visiting!
Shirazi said…
Your comments on Light Within (with thanks) ref: May be the task of spreading love and peace in the world is not as easy but we all can try. It will sure make a difference. No?
mai said…
sayang it would be happier kung andun ka..don't mean to make u sad..pano ba naman we're only 5! :( me, preggy hazel, edlyn, loquacious philip and andrew galano. anyway, saya pa rin kahit papaano but happier nga sana kung marami pumunta. There would always be next time naman eh :) di ba?

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