"oorder kami ng food sa burger king, ano gusto mo?" he said.
"you know what i like, " i said.
"me?" he said.
"no," i said.
he frowns.
"i don't like you... i love you."
"awww...." he smiled. "alam ko na, chicken sandwich!"
he kisses me, hugs me tightly and darts off.
then i hear something ringing....my kiss and hug meter has reached 100 for today.

reasons to be happy

yesterday, a friend told me he wants to rest. he wants to go to the beach, have a vacation and just chill. then why don't you, i asked. too much work, so many deadlines to meet, no time..and the list goes on.

he said, he's thinking of giving up his second job. i said, if he really doesn't need the extra money and he can sustain his lifestyle with one job then just let it go.

funny how we work ourselves to death just to have a lot of money, for us to enjoy and live a comfortable, even pleasurable life. but it is this same work that robs us of our time and energy that we can't even enjoy our hard-earned money at all.

i remember my mom telling me once, "kahit na trabaho ka nang trabaho para magkaron ng maraming pera, baka magkulang pa yan na pambayad kung magkasakit ka." how true. just like an email i received before that said something like, when you're young you have lots of energy but no time and no money, and when you're old, you've got plenty of time, (hopefully) plenty of money, but no energy.

so what do you do? work now, enjoy now. but save some for later. remember that we work to live, not live to work.

we might measure our success with the position we have attained or the amount of our salary. but i think, even in this highly modern age, happiness still lies in the immaterial.

i have a lot of reasons to be happy everyday....

...being able to open my eyes to a bright new day every morning
...hearing my mahal, whisper "i love you"
...being able to sing "because of you"
...feeling a warm and tight embrace
...knowing that there are a lot of people who love me
...knowing that despite everything, God still loves me enough to let me live another day.


Anonymous said…
funny... it's like being updated with what's happening in your life in like, what? less than 30 minutes?! hehe!

should've saved some jme & A! time in the next few weeks... been too busy with my "new" life, it's weird we have to update each other through blogs and the occasional "distress" calls...

after this ep, we'll save some time for our own girl's night out, just like old times. =)


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