i'm back!

i can't heartily say that i'm glad to be back.

i can live in boracay for years on end!

i love waking up to the cool, clean breeze, freshly cooked breakfast and the soothing sound of gentle waves splashing on the shore. never mind the occasional "sand storm," the green lumot or the sweltering afternoon heat. boracay is simply lovable.

lucky are those who actually live there. imagine being able to enjoy and marvel at that island beauty everyday. heaven!

march 5, saturday
we arrived at the caticlan airport at around 9.30am. there were only few of us who rode asian spirit. after a bumpy and claustrophobic plane ride, the boat that would take us to boracay was a welcome sight.

the ride to the island was calming. the islands we passed by reminded me of pangasinan and guimaras. but when we finally docked at the boracay shore...wow, the long stretch of fine white sand was amazing!

we checked in at the queens resort where the rest of the crew were. we had some breakfast and a short briefing. i wore my new pink bikini under my tank and shorts, slathered some sunscreen and got ready to work. swimming will have to wait.

first on the list was to shoot the sandcastles. we met this cool kid, obet fernandez. he's a native of boracay so he was quite thin and his skin was burnt brownish black. but man, his hands could work magic. he made it all look so effortless but his sandcastle creation was so surreal.

plus, the kid could act. it's as if he was a natural born actor. i asked him to throw some lines with bea, our kiddie host, and he delivered his spiel perfectly. he always had this cute grin with his white teeth shining through. he was so adorable. i think he'll grow up to be a looker.

next stop was the store of the oversized flip flops at D' Mall, their open air shopping center. they had these crazy designs and big colorful tsinelas. i could hardly imagine how anyone can walk in them. i was supposed to say they were a big hit in boracay, but i hardly saw anyone wearing them. so i guess they just make for great displays. besides it's so much easier to walk through the sand barefoot.

after the shoot, we returned to the beach. it was time for some night swimming. finally.

felt a bit itchy with all that sand seeping into your body's every nook and cranny. but the water was great and it wasn't too cold. precious, bea and i played some sand wars and threw mounds at each other. it's always so fun to be around kids, as if their youthful vibrance somehow rubs off on me.

march 6, sunday
had some free time in the morning so precious and i went to D'Mall to do some shopping. i was searching for some drawstring pants but found nothing that i liked. plus kernan asked me to look for a necklace with a dolphin pendant, one that he bought years ago when he came to boracay. he never took it off so that it was so worn the strap got broken.

we scoured all the accessories and trinket shops we passed by to no avail. it was nearing noontime and it was getting real hot, but precious and i were determined to find it. that was the only pasalubong kernan wanted and i didn't want to go home without buying it. then we found this makeshift stall by the roadside selling a similar necklace and i asked her if they had one like it with just a string strap. she said they didn't but she could make one for me. finally, mission accomplished!

we walked the rest of the way to queens. we just realized we've been walking for more than an hour! we were kinda tired but we had fun exploring all the different shops and discovered some great finds too. too bad i was running out of cash so i wasn't able to buy everything i liked but i know i will go back.

we shot love's lamp-making segment in the afternoon at tatak boracay. they were one of the shops razed by the fire months ago and they were just starting to set up shop again at an area near the former talipapa. i could see most of them have gotten back up their feet. i guess nothing can dampen the boracay spirit, not with hundreds of visitors and foreigners arriving every week. life always goes on.

march 7, monday
BJ arrived in the morning armed with shades and mini shovels. he's just so cute. they shot the spiels at the golf course of fairways and blue waters. while the rest of us ran around taking pictures. the place reminded me of the sound of music, "the hills are alive...."

we had a marvelous lunch at nigi-nigi courtesy of tita loida. seafoods galore! to hell with a bulging tummy. i'll never give up sinigang na hipon, spicy hipon, squid barbecue, tuna and steaming hot rice. mmmm....yummy!

we shot the snorkelling segment in the afternoon. bea was so afraid to go she cried! bj was a total opposite, he was so brave, he insisted on going first even if he didn't know how to swim. i didn't know how to swim myself so the idea of not being able to touch the bottom with my feet was really scary. besides i saw the others dive and they said the water had to be around 8 or 9 feet. but i ended up trying it too.... with a lifevest on. okay, i wasn't that brave yet. saw some corals and little fish but nothing much. i was too scared to go deeper. i know i should conquer this fear someday.

this is what i get for watching the movie "open water." isn't it just stupidly crazy to get left behind by the boat while you're scuba diving, float through the endless ocean and then end up as shark food? great, just great.

march 8, tuesday
our last day in boracay went by so fast, the next thing i knew we were boarding the boat to caticlan airport. the plane ride back to manila was bumpy as usual but we landed in one piece. the EDSA traffic was longer than our plane ride, unbelievable!

kernan was a sight for sore eyes when we finally reached gma. i missed him so much! three days is an awful long time for both of us to be away from each other.

boracay is definitely one of those experiences that i want to share with him. the next time i go back, i vowed we would be together and it would be strictly for leisure.

ahhh....that would be heaven!


rach said…
hi jayme! *whew* what a trip but it looks like a very refreshing one...


goodie!! so, did kernan like his 'pasalubong'?
NV said…
Naingit naman ako waah I love boracay and have been there several times nung nasa pinas pa ako.Welcome back po!!!
angel jayme said…
hay naku rach, mas refreshing sana kung bakasyon lang talaga, pero okay na rin. kernan liked the necklace and he hasn't been taking it off :)

hi NV! boracay rocks! tara!

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