i still feel a bit pressured but i'm doing better. this won't kill me so i might as well "just grin and bear it." an old friend used to tell me this during the hard times and i always manage to get through.

besides, if ever i feel ngarag now, i can't blame anybody but myself. if i haven't taken on another job, i wouldn't be feeling this much harassed. see, aside from being a segment producer for a children's show, i'm also researching for a new show about OFWs which is a bit harder because most of my coordination is overseas.

i remember telling myself that i won't go back to being a researcher again due to the pressures it entails but when my EP offered the job to me, i just felt up to the challenge. if i was able to research almost a whole episode on filipinos in canada during my jsr days, i'm sure i can do it now. the catch is, i just have to balance my time and responsibilities between both shows.

plus, i know all my hard work will pay off in the end. hopefully this can help me (finally) start saving for our wedding fund. kernan and i agreed to start saving beginning last january but unexpected expenses have been cropping up every now and then.

yes, we've been talking about it, but we don't think about it too much. we're still enjoying just being a couple and we're happy.


i might be going to the doctor soon to have my hand examined. there's a lump on my palm just below the right ring finger. it seems like a protruding bone or hardened flesh.

i noticed this last year, but it was still quite small. either i'm paranoid or it's growing bigger and sometimes it hurts. a grand aunt said she once had a lump on her palm but she didn't mind it until five years later when it grew big and hurt really bad. when doctors operated on her hand, they found a shard of glass inside. i don't remember getting injured on my palm or breaking anything or falling so that a bone would get dislocated.

it's quite scary actually. i hope it's nothing serious. the last time i went to the doctor was when i underwent extreme depression and felt unexplainable aches and pains all over my body. i was diagnosed with UTI and was told to drink lots of water or berry juice, to rest and just chill.

my doctor's appointment is on monday. wish me luck.


i went to the hot air balloon festival weeks ago. man, it was so amazing. even though i had no decent sleep, the sight of the colorful hot air balloons flying to the sky kept me awake. i didn't get to ride one though.

but... i did get to ride an ultra light plane!

the pilot only flew 500 feet but it was quite scary because it was an open cockpit. and if you're seatbelt isn't tight enough, and you get all panicky and shaky, you just might find yourself being thrown out into the air. now that's skydiving without a parachute.

when the we went up, the wind was blowing a bit hard so the plane would tip a bit to the side. the seatbelt was only slung on my left arm while i was holding the mini-dv cam on my right hand to take some aerial shots. it was like i superglued my butt on my seat and my feet on the floor of the plane to keep myself and the camera from falling, both of which cost a lot by the way.

but it was a great experience. bea and bj tried it too. despite the glitches, it was a fun day. plus...drum roll was one of the highest rating segments in last week's show.



Anonymous said…
hi jayme... well, good luck on the new assignment. anu yan bagong show ng gma for ofws? wala lng un lng gudlak at sana pare-parehas tyong makaipon at ng maikasal na tyo hahahaha!

Summer Fire said…
kaya mo 'yan, gurl ;)
angel_jayme said…
yup, it's a new show for OFWs kaya medyo odd hours ang communication. haaay...
maraming salamat po sa encouragement. :)

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