"dumating na yung gift ko sayo," kernan said, "gusto mo na kunin ngayon?" i had to restrain myself from saying yes.

"any clues?" i asked.
"pag sinabi ko sayo, malalaman mo na agad. basta special yun, pinag-isipan ko nang mabuti," he said.

"can i use it?" "basta..." "can i wear it?" "basta...gusto mo na ba kunin?" "no."

fine, i gave up.

i don't want to expect anything, but i'm excited to see what he has thought about. after almost three years of being together, he knows almost every material thing i like, chocolates, mrs. field's cookies, brownies, clothes, shoes, accessories, anything pink... and he knows my size too, small clothes and 8 1/2 to 9 shoes.

actually he surprises me a lot of times. one day, he'd show up with piknik, the next with cadbury, cookies, puto pao... at times when he doesn't want to think about what gift to give me, he just shops for me and that's just as good because he's the most patient guy i know who can endure girlie shopping excursions.

as they say, patience is a virtue and i have less than a day until i finally find out what it is. oh well...


thanks to those who have greeted me in advance, cathie, donneil, christian and louie. and of course, mama who even bought me a gift in advance. it's so nice to feel loved.


my shoot tomorrow has been cancelled, yipee!

at least i got my wish that i won't have work on my birthday. it's "jayme day" as kernan and i would call it, and i will enjoy it.

although i won't have a grand party, i'll be happy just being with the people i love.

Thank God for blessing me with another year.


finally got to watch "shall we dance?" with A. typical storyline, but it was a feel good movie and just as long as it's a happy ending, it's fine with me.

i'm pretty boring when it comes to movies. sometimes, i'd deliberately ask how the ending went because i'd rather know how everything ends before i watch it. generally, i avoid watching movies with sad endings. i go to the movies to feel entertained and relax, not to scare or depress myself.

well i expected "shall we dance?" would have a happy ending, and it did. mushy, but i felt so touched by the scene where richard guere was holding a single rose as he ascended the escalator and finally made up with his wife. he said something like, "in dancing you need a partner, and mine is right here. you've been my partner for 19 years..." and they danced in the middle of the department store!

i wished kernan was there to hold my hand. it would have been one of "our moments."


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