i miss....

times like these:

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kernan and i in the rialto

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1-2-3 kiss!

2004. it was our first time to go to enchanted kingdom together, and we frolicked like kids. i remember throwing up thrice after the cyclone loop ride! (he insisted that we ride it!) i'll never go on an extreme ride like that ever! hanging my body upside down (and upsetting my stomach) is not my idea of fun. but at least, i can say i tried it.
i had more fun at the bump car ride and even went on it twice. had fun on the bump boats too. it's so fun to be a kid sometimes, play, eat ice cream, get dirty.

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angels in tagaytay

kernan had a shoot for byk 101 in tagaytay and i tagged along. talk about mixing work with pleasure. we interviewed some bike groups and went to this orphanage where the bikers gave food and gifts to the children. hey, tough guys have soft hearts too.
we had lunch at this place (i forgot the name) which had a beautiful view of the mountains. we just had to take a pic. i still keep this one in my phone gallery til now.
i wish we could have more of these in 2005. more out of town trips. more frolic and fun. more good things. sometimes we get too wrapped up in our work and mundane concerns that we forget to live and have fun.
i wish that at the end of the year, i would have more pictures of the places we went to, the good things we did, more happy memories to reminisce...
when i am nearing the end of my life, i don't want to remember how much work i have accomplished nor how high my salary was.
rather, i'd want to look back at all the wonderful memories we've shared, all the good things we've done, and how we've lived life to the fullest.


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