i just finished editing christian's island hopping segment in guimaras. it was fun reminiscing the whole day we spent island hopping. although we were so worn out that day and almost had no time to enjoy each stop over, it was still a great experience.

i couldn't help noticing how it was similar to pangasinan's hundred islands though, which incidentally is the first shoot i ever did with christian.

i remember how difficult it was then, that being my first out of town shoot for lovely day and the first time i would be handling christian esteban, the "starstruck balikbayan traveller." i was almost in a state of panic as i didn't have an exact itinerary and i had a vague idea of christian's quirks.

we got off to a bad start since he ended up bungling the opening spiels and we had like 20 takes! it was so stressful because we were like just thrown to work together instantly with barely three hours to get to know each other before the actual shoot.

although the segment turned out alright, i still think it could have been better and christian could have been funnier and goofier.

we've come a long way since then. christian has improved greatly and is doing a mighty great job at entertaining people. he's more open now and more comfortable to express himself. he can deliver spiels in one to two takes flat even if there is a lot of tagalog.

he does his own tricks and comic stunts, and often conjures crazy ideas on how to go about the segment. he's so easy to get along with, has no complaints and does whatever you tell him.

he's very passionate about his work and i'm sure he'll go a long way in his career. he recently got drafted as one of MTV Philippines VJ finalists. yey! he has started going through a series of tests and the results will come out pretty soon. i know he's gonna make it.

i mean, he doesn't only have the right amount of craziness to make funny faces and wear outlandish costumes, christian speaks well and has a good brain in his head. he's not the most guwapo guy in the world, but he's got charm. (gotta pay me for this, man. kiddin! =D )

congratulations, kuya christian!


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