i woke up this morning with a smile on my face. it's fun to think that i'm starting a new chapter of my life. one that will go by the title being 23.

last night, kernan and i went to ayala to meet up with A and get my havaianas (finally!). we strolled around glorietta and parksquare trying to pick the resto for the night.

skies the limit," kernan said, " it's your birthday!" "doon tayo sa hindi pa natin nakakainan," i said. we have this habit of trying out a new restaurant every now and then, and we've made great discoveries and some bad ones too

our stroll became a long walk as we decided on going to greenbelt. we passed some bars and a couple of japanese and korean restos but i didn't see anything i liked. at the end of the floor was "the seafood club." perfect, i love seafood

great choice as it turned out. the food was great and for a reasonable price too. we had the fisherman's boat (composed of crab, aligue rice, squid, fish fillet, shrimps...mmmm...yummy!) and it was one of the best dinners we've had yet. (of course, your homecooked meals are great mahal, but you've got to admit last night was real good

plus, when the waiter learned it was my birthday, he had the pianist sing me a birthday song, and all the other customers joined too. they even gave me a fruit platter on the house. we were so full, our pants were bursting when we left the resto

okay lang yan, mahal. mahaba naman ang lalakarin natin pabalik sa parking," i said.

thanks to all those who remembered and greeted me. i'll be keeping your messages for a long time.


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