after the storm

the dark clouds started billowing on tuesday. i sensed something was gonna go wrong, but i assured myself it would turn out alright.

the storm finally hit the next day. everything was a blur and i felt like i lost control over things. i felt like i was being drowned by a flood and getting swept away into nowhere. i felt defeated and frustrated.

but it's all over. i survived.

it's so easy to throw the blame at other people when things go wrong because it's hard to admit it's your fault. but i guess, it's only when you admit you are wrong that you can set things right.

i never liked the feeling of incompetence and i always strive to give my all. but sometimes no matter what you do, things just get messed up.and you just have to learn to deal with them and do better, work harder the next time around. no sense berating yourself over and over because you're just going to get stuck in a rut and you'll never grow.

and when you do know that you've worked hard and you've done your best, don't expect or wait for other people to praise you for your efforts. don't compare yourself to others and think it's unfair that they get all the credit. praise yourself. pat yourself on the back for a job well done. there's no other person you should compete with other than yourself.

i just have to keep reminding myself these over and over. when i fall down, sometimes it becomes difficult to get up and i find myself going deeper into the mudpit. when there's no hand reaching out to lift me up, i'll just have to face the struggle and fight alone.


Anonymous said…
looks like you had a very, very bad day... it's ok... remember that aside from yourself...your friends would also lift you up when you are staying too much in the mudpit. They will bathe you, dress you and make you walk again =)
Anonymous said…
shucks sori, ako pla ang nagcomment nun

- rach

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