sometimes you set some things for yourself which you can't always fulfill. i used to feel guilty and "beat" myself up whenever i fall short of what i intended to do.
now i just take it easy and learn to cut myself some slack. but of course, i don't allow myself to be a complete slacker. i guess i just allow myself some much deserved breaks.
i've learned long ago that whenever i get all uptight and tense for something with that funny feeling in my stomach, in the end i realize it wasn't worth all that tension at all and things always work out in the end.
everything will be alright.
it's been quite a hectic week. coming home from a trip to iloilo and guimaras last weekend, we had to beat our script deadlines despite being worn out. at least our efforts paid off since we get to take it easy this weekend.
it's all really right timing cos i got some colds and have been coughing myself to tears since friday. it's better now but i still get scratchy throat once in awhile. hope it gets better tomorrow.
i plan to work full blast so i can be free on my birthday on monday next week. man, i'm growing older. technically.
i can't believe another year of my life has passed. i'm actually glad my birthday falls on the second month of the year, it's the month of love while some say it's the month of loonies. some even say those who were born in feb are lacking in some aspect of their brains or something because it's the only month that's lacking in days.
whatever. i'm mushy so it's the month of love for me. sometimes i'm moody and crazy but that's the way i am and i love being that way. or else, i would be so boring.
i think those who were born on feb 29 are cool. i mean, they don't age as much in terms of years. they just have to look the part.
feel young, look young.
yup, i'm still a child at heart. i still enjoy playing and reading fairy tales. if i got the chance, i'd still go soak up the rain and run through puddles.
i've always imagined this scene in my head: a huge grass land with mango trees and shrubs of flowers. i would walk barefoot and savor the fresh air, roll on the grass, pick flowers, eat fresh fruit, dance and sing to my heart's content.
and when i get tired, i'll just sleep under the cool shade of the tree and dream that i'm in paradise.
when i wake up in the afternoon, i'll go down to the beach, build sandcastles and revel in the water. i will sit on the shore and watch the awesome sunset and the moon rise. i will lie on the sand and watch the constellations. i'll wait for shooting stars and make a wish.
i will sleep to the night's lullaby and wake up in the morning to a glorious sunrise.


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