dreaming of naburot...


seems like an unlikely name for an island paradise. but it is. it's one of those wonderful private islands in guimaras where you'd want to be trapped for days.

the names seems wrong for the place though, but ate irene, our tourist guide told us that naburot pertains to one of their ancient native dialects that hasn't been used in ages. another article i read said it's a name for a delicious type of yam.

the place has no electricity, so people will have to rely on the sun for natural light and the fresh air for ventilation. there is no radio and television, only the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the gentle swaying of leaves in the breeze, and the magnificent sight of the islands. i whipped out my phone. not even one signal bar.

naburot is the perfect hideaway.

it has a number of old cottages that look like old bahay kubos. the wooden chairs and tables have been faded by time but still hold that rustic charm.

there is one big house in the center of the island. a sala and a piano are in the first floor. the bedrooms are in the second floor where there is a balcony overlooking the beach. the view is just wonderful.

the island has an open kitchen with old kalderos and clay stoves. people eat on wooden picnic tables under the nipa shade.

recliners are lined up on the shore and hammocks swing under the trees. pick your favorite spot, close your eyes and get swept away in dreamland.

if i had my way, i would stay there the whole day and just unwind. but our crew had to hop onto the other islands mapped in our itinerary. the other islands were also nice but nothing came close to naburot.

i wish i could go back.


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